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headshot photo of ben the bandit
Ben the bandit looking out over a nice view of Myanmar

To the astonishment of all involved, Ben was born with both arms missing yet has overcome all obstacles to live a full and amazing life. He is a powerful and entertaining motivational speaker that tells of the many challenges of his life and how he has learned to conquer them. From learning to walk, eat and write to living and working in developing nations, Ben speaks openly about his experiences and really gives you something uplifting to take away.

Young children are mesmerised with his can-do spirit, teens are captivated with his resilience and positivity and adults are thrilled with the stories of an incredible young man.

Ben the Bandit

- Ben Harkin -

Adventurer - Motivational Speaker - Blogger

"I thought Ben was very inspirational and spoke very well. He made me think about life more and made me realise there are people doing it tougher than me."


Thank you for visiting Ben the Bandit - Ben Harkin. Feel free to make an enquiry about anything at all and Ben will get back to you promptly

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