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About Ben

After being unexpectedly born without arms and given no explanation for it, Ben has resiliently conquered all obstacles that have been thrown at him. He has managed to get through school and graduate from university with a Commerce degree. Along the way he has achieved many accolades in a variety of sports including soccer, table tennis, athletics and even football as well as travelled and lived all over the world. 

A lot of young people look forward to finishing study in order explore the world. There are plenty of hassles and obstacles to be overcome in this pursuit. Saving enough money, booking, visas, packing and then all the other hurdles that come with being in a foreign land. Now imagine doing all this without arms. Ben has worked around his disability to explore the globe independently. He has visited 6 continents and an uncountable amount of countries for both pleasure and work, mostly by himself.

Ben tells of the struggles people with a disability have when it comes to living a normal life. From the perils of finding adequate employment to absurd and comedic ways people react to people who are different and how it can take its toll both physically and emotionally. He grew tired of being a disabled person living in a "lucky" country and found solitude and self-worth while living and working in developing nations. He spent almost 3 years living and working in Vietnam as well as some time in Malaysia and has experienced some amazing people, places and cultures. The stories he has will leave you with tears of laughter and despair.

It is hard to fathom the hurdles to be overcome by Ben while on his journey to be where he is today but it has all made him the strong and inspiring person that he is.

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