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Ben's presentation to children is full of laughter, wonder and amazement. As a former teacher of kindergarten and primary school children he holds the students attention well. They are always astounded by all the things he is able to do without using arms.

Ben instils many life lessons into his audience but the power of positivity and acceptance of people who are different are two of the most crucial. Children can often say "I can't do it" before they even try and Ben very much changes this attitude to "If Ben can do it, so can I".

It is common for young children to react in a variety of ways when they see a person who is different. They can be scared or curious but sometimes just plain mean. It is important that they learn to treat all people nicely and that it's OK to be different. Ben shows that all people can be extraordinary and they don't have to be afraid.

In the days and weeks following Ben's visit teachers experience a big change in the attitudes of their pupils.

"At the start, some of our young students were afraid of him but by the end they thought he was superman!"

-Kim Lai

Newstar Education

High school students are at a very important stage in their development into becoming an adult. Unfortunately, these days children can struggle to develop certain emotional and behavioural skills that will keep them in good stead throughout their adulthood. Things such as resilience, coping with pressure and seeing things from other points of view are all important when growing up and more and more people lack these abilities.  Ben's presentation shows how he has used these skills and a variety of others to overcome his adversity and get to where he is today. 

Through a variety of interactive and multimedia activities, Ben's presentations cover a vast number of topics that are crucial in the development of young adults. He can speak on, but isn't limited to, resilience, bullying, body image, coping with being different, as well as pretty much anything upon request. Ben has a variety of tales from his life that can cover a variety of issues but is happy to tailor his presentation to suit a topic a school or group would like to be conveyed.

At the end of his presentation the audience is left with a very different perspective of their own life as well as the lives of others. The aim is to not only show off an amazing individual but also to get the listeners to relate it to themselves and to grow from it.

Ben's tales from his life and lessons he has learned along the way are beyond belief. The stories start with the shock of his non-diagnosed limb deficiency at birth then continue to his accomplishments in academia and sport as well as his independent travel and work all across the globe. He tells hilarious and also horrific tales of his adventures around the world and the people he has had to deal with along the way. 

Ben is perfect for any circumstance whether it be for a corporate retreat or after dinner speaker, Ben is truly amazing and awe-inspiring to listen to. 

Ben gave a great presentation to our students. His session to the Year Three and Four students was engaging, age appropriate and gave a clear message, ‘if Ben can do it, so can I’. His Year 5/6 session was also engaging and he challenged our students to consider things that they think are ‘too hard’ or ‘impossible’ and to turn their thinking around to realise that nothing is ever impossible, but some things just take a little longer to learn. Overall, we were very happy with Ben’s presentation, he was easy to work with and gave a clear message to our students!


5/6 Coordinator

Cobden Primary School

"Ben offers a great insight into the benefit of maintaining a 'can-do' attitude. His lessons about positive attitudes and mindset are​ a valuable asset for children and adults"

-Nathan Murphy

Cobden Primary School

"He really has given me, and much more importantly our students, a great shift in perspective when it comes to overcoming challenges, and what challenge really means."

-Chris Schoning

Phoenix International school

"We had Ben speak at Cobden AB AGM one night. One of my most inspirational nights ever......
WOW what an attitude the man's got. 
He does sooo... much with what he has... makes me feel like I have wasted my life."


- Rhonda Howard

Cobden AB

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