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Blackbeard's Breakfast

I feel I'm getting a bit repetitive writing about different foods, so this blog is something short and completely different... about a drink.

Mum had a voucher to the local whiskey distillery so we ventured there for lunch. The menu isn't all that large in the old railway yard so they had nothing new for me to try out. There was, however, a lovely looking cocktail menu perched precariously on the edge of our table that caught my eye. I wasn't driving and the coke that I ordered had gone down quite quickly, I must have been thirsty, so I gave one a go.

As with any cocktail menu, the names of the drinks are fancy but ambiguous. Why someone would name a drink after a medical device used to help heal a broken arm in a SouthEast Asian country is beyond me... (Singapore Sling). The beverage that interested me the most was "Blackbeard's Breakfast". This is the part where I'm meant to tell you what it had in it but to be honest, I can't remember. It tasted fruity, with a hint of Malibu possibly. I assume it had rum in there as it's named after a pirate (yo ho ho and a bottle of rum) mixed with different juices and served with ice. Long story short, I took the risk of ordering something different, it was nice and I'd have it again.

I look forward to trying the other cocktails they have at a later date.

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