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What's the point, Levy?

Walking on the beach isn’t anything new for me, there’s a big one at the end of my road. If I was from the outback or one of the 44 landlocked nations it’d be a different story. The tale of today's beach was a little different though.

I once unsuccessfully applied for a pizza delivery job in Warrnambool. One of the other fruitless applicants ended up getting lost on our trial night. It always baffled me that someone could get lost in Warrnambool, the place isn’t that big. Today might have been the day where I accomplished that feat… I won’t admit to it, but it might have happened. I could possibly have been travelling near the industrial estate and maybe went one street too many and all of a sudden I’m at the beach. It was a nice surprise though as my general aim was to go to Port Fairy and walk along the Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail. Well… it is 37km long so a section of it at least. As I pulled up at the Levy’s Point car park I noticed some signs with familiar writing; “Port Fairy – Warrnambool Rail Trail”. I had gone in the wrong direction and pulled up 20km from where my destination had been yet I was in the exact place I wanted to be. Sometimes the wrong direction and destination turn out to be correct in the end… but not when you are delivering pizza.

I only hiked a few hundred metres of the rail trail before the call of the sand had me. The hour strolling along the soft shoreline was lovely but definitely enough exercise for me for one day. This new beach made me very much appreciate exercising on my beach in Peterborough. There’s only a certain distance you can go in Peterborough before you run into rocks, Levy’s Point beach just keeps going. I had the wind in my back in the outwards direction so the return leg was a lot more difficult. I’ll keep that in mind for next time but it was a pleasant place for a meander in the end.

The next adventure could be anything, I’m looking forward to seeing what it turns out to be.



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