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Floating Island

That heading isn't clickbait, it is literally a floating island... at least it is when there is water.

Floating Island Nature Conservation Reserve is located on the Princes Highway, just west of Pirron Yallock. I've driven past this area many times in my life and have always been interested in what it is all about. Before going I did some research because I thought it was just a name but it turns out that it is a natural formation where the islands float. In a nutshell, amongst the volcanic craters there is a build up of peat in swamps. This peat floats in the right conditions so turns into floating mounds over time. Over the many thousands of years that this has been happening, trees, bushes and a whole ecosystem has formed on these islands and hold the foundations together. When it rains water collects in the volcanic rock crater under the peat and the peat islands become buoyant and thus the area gets it's name. It is currently the very start of Autumn and the rains of Winter haven't yet begun so it is just a dry bushland at the moment. I am yet to have the "seeing is believing" revelation.

Apart from the lack of water there was another small issue. I did research about the formation of the place, however, I failed to research the walking trails and entrances of the area. After 30 minutes of scrambling over rocks and dodging spiderwebs from what I thought was the starting place, I found a sign pointing to a lookout. I stood there trying to work out what I was meant to be looking at, but failed. I then went for a wander down to what appeared to be the dried up swamp and island area, got bored and sick of "thinking I've seen a snake" so I went home. This area is notorious for snakes. Don't go there in shorts and thongs on a warm day, only an idiot would do that. ;) At home I looked at the map of the place more carefully and it turns out there is a system of trails throughout the whole reserve and I was in the "abandoned area" where there was nothing. It was a little disappointing but it just means I'll have to go back and have a "revisited blog". It will be at a time when there is water and the snakes will be sleeping.

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings



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