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Provider of food

For a place of only 850 people, my home town of Timboon has an abundance of places to get lunch. There's the usual locations that most small towns have, the pub, the bakery, the takeaway, the supermarket and, if you are desperate, the servo but Timboon also has an array of boutique cafes and restaurants to choose from. There's the whiskey distillery (to be followed by the obligatory dessert from the ice-creamery across the creek), the Corner Store, the Fat Cow and the place of my lunch today, Timboon Provedore.

Having grown up in Timboon it feels as though I have fallen into a bit of a habit of where and what I get for food. Lunch is always a meat pie from the bakery or chips from the takeaway. There's never any thought involved. Because of this, the Provedore has never got a look in. I hang my head in shame today as I confess that it is the first time I have ever bought anything from this store. My "try something new" is to have lunch from the café/boutique store in the centre of my home town. It's not even like it's out of the way to go there. It's in the middle of the main street, right next to the bakery and takeaway.

I walk in to be greeted by two smiling, cheerful members of staff and a selection of food that makes my mouth water. I am instantly regretting the past three years of my life just getting pies and chips. I walk to the drinks fridge in the corner and am presented with no Coke or Pepsi but rather an assortment of beverages from small scale operators including sodas, juices and milks. After much deliberating I chose the passionfruit soda and a chicken, bacon, avocado, salad toastie to eat. Within minutes it is ready and I am off to sit outside in the sunshine to try it out.

I made my way to the local trestle bridge (because I thought it would make for a good photo) and OMG I was right. I have made an error getting pies and chips. Nothing against the bakery and takeaway in Timboon, their food is top notch but I will definitely be putting Provedore on the list of "good places to get lunch" next time I'm hungry in town. My lunch was absolutely delicious.

Today I snapped a habit I built up just by trying the cafe next door. I was rewarded with a delicious meal and a place to go in the future. All it took was to try something new.

Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings. :)



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