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What Happens To Showbags When There Is No Show?

There is a new "Coffee Caravan" in Peterborough that sits outside the caravan park. An appropriate spot for it really. I'm not a big coffee person but I figured that I'd give it a try. What's the harm? I got there at possibly an awkward time as she asked if I had cash because she had just put her machine away. It's the first time I have paid cash in a long time.

There was nothing exciting to report about my cappuccino, it tasted like coffee. Meh! There was, however, something in the caravan that caught my eye, a massive jar of Bertie Beetles! I had never seen Bertie Beetles for sale, they are usually only available at showgrounds. I quizzed the lady about it and how she got to sell them. She explained that, yes, they are usually only ever available in showbags but last year there were no shows so the wholesalers had to get rid of the stockpile of Bertie Beetles somehow so they were put on the market. Yay for Covid!

It's fair to say that today I felt like a kid again and in some kind of candy store. If I didn't try the new coffee place I would have no Bertie Beetles. It pays to try new things sometimes.

I'm looking forward to something new tomorrow. Hopefully there will be more surprise chocolate.

Edit: For those of you who are uninitiated, Bertie Beetles are a chocolate bar that is just the best. They create a lot of nostalgia. :)



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