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Paper roadkill

I found some origami paper in Officeworks a few weeks ago so I thought I'd give the ancient art of paper folding a try. I got the lessons up on Youtube and decided to go for the ones labelled "easy". A "3 Minute Butterfly" and a "Easy Easter Bunny" were my choices. What could possibly go wrong?

In both the butterfly and rabbit I got the majority of it completed before there was a fatal flaw. I'm not sure if the flaw was the paper, the instructions I followed or the person folding the paper... most probably the latter. On the pretty orange butterfly, I got it to the stage where it looked like a butterfly, but it didn't quite hold together like the instructors and there was a small tear.

With the cute green rabbit, it was a little trickier than the title suggested. I accomplished the head and ears section, so you could tell what it was going to be but forming the back legs required fine folding. I didn't follow the instructions to the exact millimeter and thus the rabbit's rear was ruined.

Both animals ended up looking like they'd been hit by a car so I decided to be the driver and reverse over them a few more times, just to make sure.

Not every adventure or new experience ends well. I'll have to come back to origami and try it again more carefully to see if I can make it successfully then. Until this time, I will be looking forward to the next adventure.



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