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Parking with the commoners

I needed a haircut today. It was at that stage of hair length that was uncomfortable and verging on unfashionably long. So I went to the local men's hairdressers. Nothing new about that nor was there anything new about the hairstyle, number one all over. I do enjoy walking into the barbers with fluffy long hair and asking for a number one. They give the same response every time. "Err, are you sure? That's very short. Have you done it before?" I'm not going to deny that having nice fluffy hair is something that is a novelty for me. It won't happen to me much longer. The tide is quickly going out on my most prized follicle collection so to say... but I digress.

As I pulled up out the front of the hairdresser I had an in depth look for a disabled carpark. In this part of town they are as sparse as the hair on my head. I had to slum it and park with the common folk, those darn able-bodies. This, of course, meant that I had to pay for parking, something that I hadn't done in Warrnambool for a long, long time. So long in fact that they have installed all new, state of the art parking meters since my last paid parking trip. I'm not saying that I'm a fare evader, I just know where all the free parking is. These new gizmos were fancy and digital and you don't even need coins! All you have to do is type in your car registration number and swipe your card. I didn't know this until I walked all the way there and my car rego is something that I can never remember. They are clearly quite expensive machines as they are spaced a long way apart. It didn't help that I parked at the end of the street either. A full block trip back to my car later to collect my rego number and I was all paid for and ready to go for the haircut. In the space of 5 minutes I had walked past the shop 3 times and burnt off my lunch just trying to pay the 50 cents for the 15 minutes I'd be there. Sometimes new things require more energy than is needed.

As I'm writing this I've just noticed that my car registration is on my keys which I had round my neck the whole time. I didn't have to walk back to my car at all. Sigh. Now I know.

Not a great adventure today but still looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

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