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Same same but different

The Schomberg Inn is my local pub. It's a place that I would frequent for a meal at least once a fortnight, particularly during the Covid lockdown period to get takeaway. The menu isn't that outlandish, just good quality traditional pub meals. My go to dish is the chicken schnitzel with chips and gravy. It's simple, easy to eat and you are completely full afterwards. At my most recent venture to the pub though, I decided to step off the well beaten schnitzel track and try something different.

I looked at the menu and decided to make the massive leap and went for the spicy chicken kebab on chips. At the time I thought I was doing something adventurous and exotic. "Spicy" sounded daring and edgy and "kebab" was well... kebab was kebab. It was when I had unboxed it and started eating did it occur to me that this isn't really that different to the schnitzel. The chicken has just been put on skewers, coated in spices and served with a spicy sauce. Same same just a little different. Fortunately for me the standards of the Peterborough Pub's food are high across their chicken range and I had a delightful, albeit a little spicy, chicken kebab. In the future I will decrease the amount of sauce I put on the chicken as it was a little over-powering at times, but I now have a new "go to" when eating at the pub for next time.

I'm looking forward to see what will happen tomorrow.

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